With its nano-order speed basic command processes, the next generation MELSEC-Q Series dramatically improves system and machine performance.

As equipment and manufacturing facilities continue to evolve on a daily basis, the series enables high-speed, high-accuracy and large volume data processing and machine control.



CPU modules for PLC.
CPU lineup can fit any applications.

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Base unit

For installing devices such as power supply and CPU module.


Power supply

This module is used for providing the electrical power for the CPU, input, output, and other modules on the base unit.

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I/O module

The digital I/O module intefaces bit signals to the control system.

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Analog module

Analog modules include the analog I/O module that interfaces voltage and current signals to the control system, the temperature input module that measures the temperature, and the temperature control module that controls the temperature.

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Simple motion/Positioning module

The simple motion module realizes high-speed and high-accuracy motion control with simple programming. The positioning module performs positioning such as helical interpolation.

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High-speed counter/Pulse I/O/Flexible high-speed I/O control module

The high-speed counter module is capable of handling high-speed pulse signals from an encoder.

The flexible high-speed I/O control module realizes stable I/O response due to high-speed hardware processing without being restricted by the CPU scan time. In addition, user’s logic can be set to FPGA with the dedicated intuitive configuration tool.

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Information/Network module

The information module enables information exchange with MES database and performs data logging. The network module supports various network such as CC-Link IE and CC-Link.

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Energy measuring module

The energy measuring module measures and monitors various energy information.

The insulation monitoring module monitors insulation deterioration.

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We also provide an extensive lineup of peripheral products such as connectors for input/output modules and industrial hubs.