Process Automation of Water & Waste Water Treatment

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) are compulsorily executed as a piece of Water &Waste Water Treatment Process in ventures. The activities in any industry result in mechanical waste in the structure Chemical, Oil, Ions and so forth., are Effluent. Then again, sewage is a result of mechanical wastewater from kitchen or toilets. Squander water came about out of these procedures is unsafe to the earth if not appropriately prepared. Consequently, enterprises are the command to adequately treat this wastewater and they actualize ETP and STP set up to guarantee the equivalent. Essentially, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and UV filtration are other crucial water-related venture enterprises make to give spotless and unadulterated drinking water to their workers.

Why do we need Automation in this scenario?

ETP, STP, RO & UV filtration should keep running in a particular time-sensitive rationale that can’t be accomplished precisely just with manual activity. Keeping up a similar dimension of nature of water treatment over the various clumps, cycle, and water limit is critical. Also, in order to accomplish this, the dimensions of specific parameters pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) ought to be kept up.

Also, the working expense of the wastewater treatment plant can be decreased with Automation. Propelled offices like Remote Monitoring and Control includes a piece of Automation bring the benefit of counteracting shutdown and diminishing demonstrative time.

Our Experience:

We at Hitek Automations, offer a scope of Water and Waste Water Treatment Automation Solutions through giving feasible PLC-based solution from Mitsubishi. We have demonstrated involvement and mastery, particularly identified with Industrial Automation of Reverse Osmosis, UV Filtration, ETP, and STP. Our competency in conveying premium quality control and operational answers for computerizing the procedures related to water and wastewater treatment of various limits set us apart from our rivals.

We convey customized answer for our mechanical clients after a cautious assessment of their prerequisite and offer them a presentation arranged scope of Automation which deals with starter treatment that incorporates both essential and optional treatment and successfully isolates or wipes out different polluting influences present in the wastewater.

Throughout the years, we, Hitek Automation, have effectively authorized Water and Waste Water Automation Plants of different scale which has given us a triumphant edge in executing such tasks effortlessly.