Process Automation of Water & Waste Water Treatment

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) are mandatorily implemented as a part of Water &Waste Water Treatment Process in industries. The operations in any industry results in industrial waste in the form Chemical, Oil, Ions etc., are Effluent. On the other hand, sewage is a by-product of industrial waste water from kitchen or toilets. Waste water resulted out of these processes is harmful to the environment if not properly processed. Hence industries are mandate to effectively treat this waste water and they implement ETP & STP in place to ensure the same. Similarly, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and UV filtration are other vital water related investment industries make to provide clean and pure drinking water to their employees.

Why do we need Automation in this scenario?

ETP, STP, RO & UV filtration should run in a specific time-based logic that cannot be achieved accurately only with manual operation. Maintaining the same level of quality of water treatment across the different batches, cycle and water capacity is crucial. And inorder to achieve this, the levels of certain parameters pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) should be maintained.

Moreover, the operating cost of the waste water treatment plant can be reduced with Automation. Advanced facilities like Remote Monitoring and Control features as a part of Automation brings the advantage of preventing shutdown and reducing diagnostic time.

Our Experience:

We at Hitek Automations, offer a range of Water & Waste Water TreatmentAutomation Solutions through providing sustainable PLC based solutionsfrom Mitsubishi. We have proven experience and expertise, especially related to Industrial Automation of Reverse Osmosis, UV Filtration, ETP and STP. Our competency in delivering premium quality control and operational solutions to automate the processes related towater & waste water treatment of different capacities, set us apart from our competitors.

We deliver tailor made solution to our industrial customers after a careful evaluation of their requirement and offer them a performance-oriented range of Automation which takes care of preliminary treatment that includes both primary and secondary treatment and effectively separates or eliminates various impurities present in the waste water.

Over the years, we, Hitek Automation, have successfully commissioned Water & Waste Water Automation Plants of various scale which has given us a winning edge in executing such projects with ease.