Hitek Automation is a notable brand for Air Conditioners for Residential, Commercial and Industrial use. Mitsubishi Electric wants to make Air Conditioning frameworks that give model execution in the wide-extending climatic conditions. Mitsubishi Electric’s climate control systems are known for conveying high fulfillment, vitality effective execution, and least effect on nature.

Hitek Automation promises for every one of its items and attempts. It guarantees the best involvement in our items, administrations, organizations and individuals. It lies at the very center of our business.

On Friday, eighth March 2019, Hitek Automation has propelled its new scope of 5-star Air Conditioners, MSY GR and MSY GR-T Series. Where MSY GR Series are enabled with Inverter Technology and MSY GR(T) Series are taken into account Tropical Inverter Cooling. The new scope of Air conditioner furnishes highlights like incredible cooling with high vitality effectiveness and to bring ideal solace. The New Luxurious and Stylish Designs are outfitted with Tropical Inverter Technology, particularly created to suit the cooling needs of tropical districts. The operational scope of MSY GR(T) Series is up to 52 degree Celsius (Outdoor Temperature) with an enhanced warmth exchanger and the PCBs for improved cooling execution.

The models under these new climate control system arrangement are furnished with improved warmth exchanger and high cubic feet every moment (CFM) for quick cooling. MSY GR Series will be accessible with cooling limit scope of 2.8 KW to 7.2 KW and MSY GR(T) Series has limit extend from 3.7 KW to 6.6 KW . Indeed, even under brutal tropical conditions, these units will most likely keep up the appraised cooling limit and accomplish successful cooling. The recently propelled Air conditioners have “New Remote Controller” which has a claim to fame to show the mistakes code on the remote controller for advantageous inconvenience Shooting.

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