Web of Things (IoT) Platform
for Unified Business Operations

Unite the worldwide pioneers with innovation of things to come: hitek automations IoT Platform created for consistent business activities. Decrease downtime, siphon up incomes and improve end client experience by conveying IoT applications that are customized for business tasks crosswise over verticals. This Internet of Things Platform is the solution to your upkeep and operational misfortunes of substantial businesses, assembling, endeavor and administration enterprises.


Remain associated with all your central goal basic gadgets. Interface resources, individuals, procedures and frameworks to determine an incentive out of activities. Take your business to the following dimension with extensive resource the board.


Catch continuous information from resources and mission basic gadgets, 24×7. Work with accuracy by picking up perceivability into granular dimension tasks of your business. Hitek Automations IoT Platform empowers consistent information acquistion, preparing and examination.


Get genuine – time information, directly from resource execution to working of the associated undertaking on the loose. Transform information into significant bits of knowledge. Reports and auspicious experiences help making further comprehension of benefit use and operational costs included.

What is an IoT Platform?

The web of things is a straightforward component of installing sensors, chips and labels in buyer gadgets, overwhelming machines, remote resources and vehicles, that builds up a web empowered association and remotely transmits information to the supplier. A genuine start to finish IoT Platform is a product system that remotely associates all ‘things’, oversees gadgets, gathers information, permits activity the executives, investigation and representation and incorporates with cloud administrations.

Vitality Management

Screen your electrical apparatuses 24×7, get resource execution reports and enhance by and large vitality cost with Hitek Automation Smart Energy arrangements.

Remote Security

Remain associated with your sundry resources, crosswise over geological areas through a solitary reassure. Robotize mission basic activities safely with Hitek Automation Smart Site the board.

Resource Tracking

Monitor your benefits moving. Get moment cautions on deviations and peculiarities. Get Hitek Automation IoT stage to screen and deal with your moving resources, with live information feed.

Intently screen and deal with all the basic resources and procedures in a foundation, 24×7. Get ceaseless bits of knowledge into resource execution, without manual intercession. Get creative with business tasks; incorporate IoT with your conventional BMS, lighting framework, HVAC, back-up gadgets, water and gas frameworks, coordinations and other cost expending activities.

Redesigned BMS

  • In general vitality the board
  • Water, gas and security the executives
  • Air conditioning the executives
  • Endeavor Software Integration

Mitigate dangers, diminish downtime and remain associated with all the topographically disseminated resources with Hitek Automation IoT stage. Get opportune cautions, excercise remote control and streamline tasks for various specialty units with a solitary observing and the board reassure.

  • Brought together perceivability
  • Brought together administration
  • Overhauled security
  • Better co-appointment of numerous Bus
  • Financially savvy
  • Brought together OPERATIONS


Bring together business tasks; determine an incentive out of coordinated business. Profit by the gathered information from IoT observing frameworks and encourage a focused edge. Have your business supported on edges and effectiveness.

  • Cross – useful information mixing
  • Cross – endeavor tasks
  • Supported proficiency
  • Upgraded edges
  • Improved consumer loyalty