EdgeX pledges a leading edge over your competition

One of the greatest difficulties of IoT activities is the inquiries of CAPEX identified with IoT framework. For a venture or a business to acquire computerized change by receiving IoT, the expense of framework is regularly a key thought and which is all well and good, as it legitimately impacts the ROI of the activity. So any arrangement which requires a tear and-supplant of existing sensors and conveyed hardware will be a clear no-go.

This is the place Hitek Automation EdgeX Agent contributes and interfaces the brownfield hardware and sensors to the cloud by means of entryways. Hitek Automation EdgeX is a seller impartial programming specialist which sits at the edge of an entryway (interface here to upheld doors page) and it associates with the sensors and gadgets by means of standard conventions and consistently drives the sensor information to the cloud.

Hitek Automation EdgeX is a key driver in IoT-empowered latent foundation in areas like modern IoT, fabricating, vitality the board, brilliant utilities, building the board, and so forth.

EdgeX enables information procurement and preparing with fine-grained characteristics

Hitek Automation EdgeX operator breaks down and upgrades transfer speed escalated information of mission-basic application closer to the edge and pushes indispensable information to the cloud easily and safely paying little mind to mark, correspondence, stage or working framework. Hitek Automation EdgeX gives clients, accomplices, specialist organizations and gadget OEMs a protected and simple approach to interface and deal with their IoT gadgets and applications from outside systems or cloud-based administrations.


  • Compatible with LINUX and WINDOWS based systems
  • Low CPU and memory consumption – Requires only 50 MB of RAM and < 50 MB of disk space

Extremely secure

  • SSL encryption
  • MAC/Serial ID authorization
  • Gateway command authentication with tokens

Remote access & management

  • Anamoly detection and rule-based intelligence for real-time notifications at the edge level
  • Equipped with local decision making capability wherein agent by itself counteracts on abnormalities without waiting for response form server.
  • Customers can remotely access and manage IoT-enabled devices and applications by providing a secure and standard method of connection.

Extensive protocol support

  • Anamoly detection and rule-based intelligence for real-time notifications at the edge level
  • Supports multiple local interfaces such as USB, Wifi, RF, Zigbee, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, Serial Input(RS232), Digital input & output, Analog input to connect with sensors at the edge

Robust & Reliable

  • Ingenious watchdog mechanism ensures timely notifications on device abnormalities and automatically restarts when the agent is down
  • If the connectivity to the central server is lost, the data is temporarily stored in device and reverted on restored connection

Ease to configure

  • Download, install and configure at the drop of a hat
  • Configuration downloads are done automatically once the IoT device is plugged-in to the network
  • Application configurations can be upgraded over-the-air.

Vendor neutrality
Limitless compatibility to multi-branded IoT enabled hardware, futuristic devices & third party applications