A True End-to-End IoT Solution for Enterprises

For a Progressive Internet of Things Journey

The present ventures are a perplexing snare of different resources. As opposed to maintaining the business dependent on siloed data produced from these benefits, undertakings need to coordinate the different activities under a solitary start to finish Internet of Things driven methodology. The enterprises taking the jump are regularly irritated by the complexities associated with the progress into IoT empowered associated framework. The potential and the tractability offered by Hitek Automation makes the usage of big business wide IoT foundation consistent and productive. Kick-begin your IoT venture with Hitek Automation and let us come to an obvious conclusion to make the ideal IoT procedure required for your business.

The Digital Core of Connected Enterprises

Vitality Management

Introduce another section in the vitality the executives

Another influx of the vitality cognizance is spreading over the mechanical segment as vitality utilization reflects upon the primary concern and generally speaking operational effectiveness. Subsequently checking of the whole vitality chain for use, lack and wastage has turned into the point of convergence of the venture operation.To scale up to the challenge and to achieve the envisioned statures of future endeavors need to streamline their vitality utilization.

At this point our Smart Energy arrangements achieve a proactive move in the manner in which vitality worries of the endeavors are tended to. The more astute vitality arrangements offered by the Hitek Automation conveys the vitality arrangements on the size of how you have dependably envisioned it to be


Remote Site Management

Stay in control through the miles

With business spread far and wide over the globe, dealing with different destinations has been a significant operational test for endeavors. Directly from verifying the destinations to diagramming support plans dependent on the advantage working conditions, there are part of exercises that should be concentrated for a streamlined activity. During a time of robots and automatons, Hitek Automation presents to you the straightforwardness, accuracy and adaptability of both to the activity and the executives of remote destinations.

An all around oversaw site can cut down the upkeep cost, lessen the downtime and increment security and perceivability over the premises.


Portable Asset Tracking

Explore the labyrinth of moving resources easily

With the ventures extending the limits of their administrations and tasks there has been a generous development of versatile resources. Afterward this noteworthy increment in the quantity of moving resources has acquired its very own favorable circumstances and complexities. While the raise in the quantity of benefits makes development, stockpiling and use of stock simpler, the operational consequences needs an incorporated associated framework.

Hitek Automation offers an incorporated stage to track, screen and control the benefits progressing through changed functionalities, for example, geo-fencing, area following, driver conduct checking and condition observing.